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Handcrafted Chainmaille Jewellery and Accessories

Maille For Your Style

What We Create

Chainmaille Jewellery

A unique selection of jewellery, handcrafted one ring at a time, using weave patterns from Medieval times. Chainmaille is no longer just Armour!

Reactive Metal Jewellery

Brilliant jewellery made with formed reactive metal, scales and rings.

Titanium Scales & Kits

An entire range of uniquely anodized & textured Titanium Scales and Kits.

Mixed Media Jewellery & Accessories

Jewellery and accessories created by mixing Polymer Clay, Reactive Metals and Chainmaille to create unique collections.

Structured Maille

Business card holders, dragons, dragonflies, owls, and ornaments. Unique gifts for unique people.

Key / Wallet Chains

Our wallet chains are sure to impress and provide that added protection.

Pet Maille Accessories

Decorative collars, collar clips, bowties and maille accessories for dogs and cats.

What we do

Handmade Jewellery

Discover truly breathtaking pieces of handmade jewelry. Tell a unique story about yourself or a loved one by gifting them handmade Maille bracelets, necklaces, and more. Just want to add a stunning piece of art to your collection? We recommend exploring our selection of handmade pieces made by a local artisan in Canada. Find a story behind each piece and a little bit about what inspires it’s design.

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