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Spinal Elf Bronze Bracelet


Intricate looking weave bracelet in rosy gold colour Bronze rings. This weave has a different look on each side, so you can choose the side that suits your mood for the day. The clasp is solid bronze from Italy. These bronze rings will darken over time, but can be restored to its original rosy gold shine with a bit of ”ketchup”, rubbing for about 30 seconds, then washed with gentle liquid detergent and warm water, and dry with soft cloth. This bracelet can be custom sized prior to shipping and a safety chain added if desired.

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Additional information


Bronze CuSn1 rings, solid bronze clasp from Italy, titanium tag


Rosy gold coloured rings in an intricate pattern that is reversible.


Length: 20cm (8")
Width: 1.5cm
Depth: 0.6cm
Weight: 35gm


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